Music Video Release: "The Falls" (7/20/2016)

So proud to release the first OFFICIAL music video for my upcoming record, These Dreams!

This video for "The Falls" was shot in St. Paul, MN and Chicago, IL.  The idea behind the song and the video is two people that find the obstacles in connecting in a long distance relationship.  The two main characters enjoy similar activities and clearly communicate in the video, but like so many things in life, there are things that come between them and we are left to wonder what might happen to them ...

Many thanks go out to the wonderful Jeff Hackbarth for his awesome cameraman skills, editing, and production of the video.  Thanks as well to my good friend Megg Clement, who played my main squeeze in the video!


These Dreams is Finally Here


Tomorrow is the day! These Dreams presale will officially begin. I wanted to give you all a heads up on what the options are, & how ordering will work, because there are a LOT of choices!

I will be offering the following items in 5 different packages:
• These Dreams EP
• Lyric Poster (2 color choices)
• Choice between tshirt & racerback tanktop
• Lightweight pullover hoodie
• "Hold onto your dreams" hand-stamped bracelet

I have posted the packages in my store to check out prior to the presale going live tomorrow.  I ALSO, have posted sizing chart options for each of the items below!  :)

Because I am offering so many choices, for the larger packages, there is an extensive drop down menu, of over 100 options, from which you can choose. So, please be careful in selecting & reviewing your order, to make sure you have the correct sizes & colors before you complete your order.

I am so excited about FINALLY getting the music to you!

Thank you as always for your love and support.






Changes (5/3/2016)

Sometimes in life, you have to shake things up ...

In the past year, I have had a lot of time to myself on the road.  I have had the ability to search deep into the couch cushions of my mind, to think about the people and things with which I have surrounded myself.  All that time has allowed me to deeply consider my job, my health, and my music.  Ultimately, I determined that 2016 was going to be a year of change for me.  Whether it was my career, my music, where I lived or something else of major significance, I needed a breath of fresh air.

A couple of weeks ago I finally realized that I was miserable in my job.  I loved the work I was doing, but the conditions of my employment had taken many turns for the worse.  While I attempted to cope, I did so at the detriment of my physical well-being and my emotional happiness.  I finally determined that it was time to move on.  I wanted to focuse on what I truly loved ... playing, writing and recording music.  Travelling to play shows and to see friends.  So I quit my job.

Immediately I was stricken with a sense of fear.  Would I be able to book enough shows?  How long would I be able to play?  Would I have enough money to finish my album?  Would people buy it, etc, etc.  I started to have extreme boughts of anxiety, so I contacted my closest friends.  Their responses were some of the best things I had ever received.  Rather than play into my fears, or address my anxiety, they chose to point out how happy music makes me.  My friends talked about how many people have fear to chase their dreams and then regret never taking the shot.  They talked about how inspired they were by me, and it was exactly what I needed.

So here I am, out on the road, taking step one as a professional musician.  Thank you to all of you that continue to support my dream!


EP / Touring 2016 (3/31/2016)

Hey all,

So things are heating up for me in 2016!  The record is finally winding down and I am preparing to announce the release date and some official release shows very soon!  I am so excited to share this record with you all.  I am proud to say that each and every song has a very special meaning to me.  My thanks to Tony Lucca, Jess Godwin, Dave LaBruyere and Siggi Birkis for all their musical talents and contributions.

We are getting closer!  Look for continual show announcements on my webpage, or my my facebook page.  If you want to host me in your town, shoot me a note to!

See you all soon!



Recording is COMPLETE (2/21/2016)

Let it be known ... on February 21, 2016, the recording phase of These Dreams was completed!

I am so excited to finally wrap the first phase of this record.  Siggi, Tim and I worked extensively on all the parts of this record, and I am so proud to finally get to work on the next phase of it.  Up next, is mixing.  Siggi and I are already listening to rough mixes of these tracks.  What does that mean?  Well, for the uninitiated, think of a song as a giant highway ... like 20 lanes.  Each lane is represented by an instrument.  Drums in lane one, bass in lane 2, and so on.  Mixing, is the art of figuring out how to make traffic flow in a smooth manner.  Determining what instruments (or lanes) need to be highlighted, or how to let them switch lanes to make an exit.  Does that analogy work?  I have no idea.  Makes sense to me.

Anyway, mixing can be an arduous process, because you want the songs to sound great on every device where someone might listen.  In a car stereo, on high quality headphones, or on the crappy ones that they hand to you on planes (no chance), or a home stereo, etc.  So we take each mix and try it on multiple platforms, until it finds a sweet spot.  A place where every instrument and every voice fits perfectly into the flow of traffic.

Siggi and I have worked so well together that I doubt this process will turn into a Chinese Democracy kind of deal.  And lucky for me, I don't have a Slash in the band, with which to begin an epic, decade long feud.  (Although the press could be helpful).  Haha.

I am already looking forward to what happens next, as I begin talks with several folks about music videos, radio promotion, etc.  I am excited to take the next steps, and I hope you are too!