Benny Bassett Home Show (10/20/2015)

Written By:  Bobby Guy



I found a new favorite place to see a concert: the living room!

A big part of the live music experience, for me, is the venue. The Ark in Ann Arbor, Livonia’s Trinity House Theatre and Chicago’s City Winery are my favorites.

“The Fort” in Battle Creek is the new #1 with a bullet.

You ain’t gotta leave the house to have a good time
I’ma bring the good time home to you

-Sam Hunt “House Party”


Photo: Bobby Guy
Photo: Bobby Guy

A former coworker hosted Benny Bassett for a house concert on Saturday, October 17. About 25 of us gathered in a suburban living room with hardwood floors, area rugs and folding chairs. Hay bales sat in the corner and tiki lights illuminated the “stage” for an intimate performance by Chicago singer/songwriter Benny Bassett.

I could tell you the circumstances that led to my friend Mary meeting Benny and his band dissolving leading to a solo career, but what I want to share is something Benny addressed. He spoke about the power of the individual in sharing music, making things happen for artists.

At times, it seems like such a massive industry, but a guy like Benny was able to accept an invitation, pack up his car and make the drive East on I-90/94; not for a club but a parlor. He was well fed and had a place to stay for the night. We sent him on his way with the tip jar full of cash for sharing his talent.

Benny Bassett has a great deal of talent. The songs were honest, engaging and well-crafted; each one sung with purpose and intent with Benny all the while pulling great hooks, leads and accompaniment from his acoustic guitar.

Check out the performance clip above from a different house party that Bassett played and be sure to see many more on his YouTube channel.

I love experiencing live music. There are a handful of bands I will see every time they come to the area. I’m adding Benny Bassett to that list.

Let me know if you book him to play at your place…I’ll be there.

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